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A Prayer for Expired Registrations

Last week I got pulled over because the registration on my car was expired. If you've ever gotten pulled over, you can imagine the thoughts that went through my head:

"This can't be happening."

"I know I renewed my registration!"

"Did I?"

"We don't have $194 to pay this fine!"

Then I felt the Holy Spirit whisper, "I am sovereign", and when I agreed with Him, the posture of my heart began to change.

Here is the prayer that I prayed in the car as tears of frustration about the situation, and gratitude for God's provision streamed down my face. May it be a blessing to you as you face unexpected and unwanted situations.

"Father, thank you that you are sovereign... even over expired registrations. I don't know why you're choosing to use this, but I know that you use everything that happens to us for our good and your glory. Help me to trust you even when things seem unfair. Speak truth to my heart when all my mind wants to speak are lies. Thank you for how you are working in my heart through this situation. Thank you that we do, indeed have $194 to pay a fine, even though that's not what we'd like to use it for. Thank you for this reminder that you do provide for all of our needs, even though it doesn't always (often) look the way we expect or want it to. Amen."

If you're struggling today, take a moment to agree with God about who He says He is. Remember His provisions and His promises.

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